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told voters in one u.s. state that if you help us win here, we win the whole enchilada. does virginia hold the key to victory for the president or governor romney? an in-depth look at the contest in the old dominion state. that and breaking news as the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. jon: the long-awaited watchdog report on operation and furious hailed on capitol hill as a step in the right direction. welcome the second hour of "happening now" on this thursday, i'm jon scott. i'm i'm and i'm in for jenna lee. the house oversight committee taking testimony from the inspector general for the justice department. chairman darrell issa saying the ig's report confirms what his committee has known or -- for some time, that the justice department let the country down. disregarding public safety. two of those guns found at the scene of a shootout that killed u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. chief washington correspondent james rosen joins us live on capitol hill with more. james? >> reporter: iew ma, good afternoon. republican lawmakers have been using the hearing princip
. digging deeper into the battleground states. when virginia delegates cast their ballots at the convention, the vote will be unanimous. the state has voted republican seven times in the last eight elections, except 2008. will president obama take it again or will voters return to the gop? also, a raging wildfire in the hills above los angeles. a live update on what's happening there jon: your election headquarters. taking a look at the key battleground states that could make or break this white house race this time around. today we are looking at virginia. folks in virginia have been reliably republican for a long, long time, except last time around when they voted for president obama in 2008. if you take a look at the stats, virginia, a key prize this time around. oh electoral votes of 13 of them in virginia. the economy looking pretty good right now. that is part of the reason that both campaigns want to claim the state. 5.9% unemployment in virginia. much better than the national average. in terms of the history, president obama has been there seven times. this campaign season, mitt rom
states. dueling campaign events in the same political battleground of virginia. governor romney and president obama both expected to speak there shortly. plus the obama administration insists sanctions are working to keep iran's nuclear ambitions in check. others have serious doubts. what happens if the doubters are right? in the race for the white house do the polls paint a fair picture? is there media bias? our "news watch" panel weighs in. all new, all live is "happening now." jon: welcoming jenna lee back from italy. i have hope you had a good --. jenna: our friends maya and pat had an amazing wedding. congratulations to them. back to work today. jon: big day on the campaign trail for the candidates today. we have every angle covered. touchdown tore football fans. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. first the headline today is that the strike is over. the nfl and the referees union reaching what some are describing as a tentative labor agreement. we'll see if it sticks. this after one of the most tumultuous starts to any starting professional sports season we've seen in rec
an george allen of virginia. if you look reason why some attended or did not, some are in tough battles in their own home states and don't necessarily feels there is the time and don't want association with either party's convention. jon: they always say they want to stay home and campaign or serve their constituents. jenna: on both sides. jon: on both sides. president obama says governor romney has the wrong vision for america but what is his vision for a second term? we'll get a fair and balanced debate on that underway next. >>> facebook fans setting their sights on betty white. what some democrats would like to see from the 90-year-old actress coming up. jon: as democrats get ready to nominate 39 obama for a second term this week some are wondering what his vision is for another four years. would he focus on immigration reform, tax reform, make changes to medicare, medicaid? major garrett, now of the "national journal" daily writes, the easiest way to trip up a democrat in charlotte convention is ask him this question, what is obama's vision for a second term. the placeholder answer
now you have mr. obama ahead in florida, ohio, iowa, nevada, colorado and virginia. it is my understanding that the only one of the battleground states which mitt romney leads is north carolina. do i have that right? >> that's right. i think we've got, we've got eight races i think, jon, that are less than two points split between the two candidates. obama's leading in seven out of those eight as you mentioned. romney only leading in north carolina but again, very, very close in a lot of these battleground states. so you know, romney didn't get much of a bump out of his convention. we'll see whether obama gets any bump out of his convention but this looks like a locked in to be a very tight race over next 60-days. jon: advertising could be key here and republicans seem to be in a better position. they have more money to spend. we know mitt romney is rolling out 15 different ads in some of these battle ground states today to talk about, well i guess his plan and what the president has or hasn't delivered. >> right. again obama spent a boatload of money early on, hundreds of mi
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street journal", marist poll of likely voters. in ohio the president leads by 7 points. in virginia the president leads by five points, 49-44%. with us national reporter for "real clear politics" ear run mcpike some would attribute this the postconvention bounce to the president is. that what it is? >> it absolutely is. we're seeing that in some state polls. these are single polls in each of these states. what i'm looking at is the "real clear politics" polling average of some of the states and showing a much tighter race in states like virginia and iowa where the president just leads by a whisker, under a point in each of those states. the most important one you mentioned there is ohio. and that's the state where president obama has been growing his lead. he now leads mitt romney by more than 4 points. and i think that is what will be most important here to see how mitt romney handles that. we should see him pick up the campaign schedule in ohio i would imagine and spend more money on ad traffic there. jon: well you hear joe biden say that general motors is alive bus of barack obam
and balanced debate. kate obenshain is former chair of the republican party in virginia and author of divider in chief. simon rosenberg, founder of ndn. simon, has this really torpedoed in your view mitt romney's chances? >> no, i don't think he has had a particularly good few weeks. this is not a game ending event. this is consistent with the argument he made over several months f republicans want a debate about the economy we'll have one. if republicans want a debate about foreign policy we'll have one. what i was surprised by how confusing what mitt romney said. i mean there were tens of millions of republicans included in that group of people who don't pay income taxes. if you're a republican senior in boca raton or if you're a waitress in toledo with three kids working single mom and you're a republican, he insulted you today. he said you were a lazy democrat, right, who didn't deserve, there was undeserving lazy democrat. that is what william kristol wrote in his column today. i think unfortunately for the republicans mitt romney looked a little bit more like mr. magoo recently than he
is in virginia. governor romney in nevada. the commonwealth of virginia home to 30 steen electoral -- 13 electoral votes where "fox news poll" showing president obama opening up a lead in likely voters there. in nevada, the poll showing silver state and six electoral votes up for grab. john roberts is here to break it all down. hey, john. >> reporter: governor romney in the important swing state of nevada today. appearing at university of las vegas. six electoral votes. in 2008, president obama won the state over john mccain by 10 points, 53-43. new cnn poll find it is within margin of error here is why. things mitt romney has in favor. housing crisis. talk a lot about that. tough economy. new unaffiliated residents moved in. 7% mormon operation. better ground operation than republicans hat in '08 with mccain. working against him. large hispanic population. union population in population centers of reno and las vegas. and harry reid's political operation. we heard recent days battleground poll show mr. obama in substantial lead places like iowa, colorado, wisconsin. it was "wall street j
also stopping in virginia. and i just can't make the virginia button work. well, let me tell you the numbers in virginia. it's, there we see it. 47.3% for the president. 46.7 for mr. romney. now only in north carolina among all these polls, only in north carolina does mitt romney come out on top in the "real clear politics" average. 46.5%. about a point and a third better than the president's 45.3. let's talk about it now with david drucker. he is associate politics editor at "roll call". the folks at gallup were taking a look at the post, unqost, post-convention bounce for mitt romney and not finding any. does that matter? do you agree with their assessment? >> well, gallup is professional. they do a good job. i will not argue with gallup. you always want a bounce coming out of the convention if you get it. the reason we call it a bounce because it usually comes back down-to-earth a little bit. to look at mitt romney's convention we have to ask did he accomplish the goals he set out to accomplish? did he get done what he needed to get done. from the perspective of making sure pe
in uniform. i was yesterday -- [applause] i was in springfield, springfield, virginia, yesterday and had the chance to be with colonel leo thorsness who was the recipient of the medal of honor. he served our nation in vietnam, was in a prisoner of war camp for six years. he helped bring together for me some 43 medal of honor recipients to support my campaign. quite a hero, i appreciate him. [applause] and appreciate the other soldiers i saw there. and the night before i was in -- jenna: mitt romney talking two big topics here today in pennsylvania, a key battleground state, by the way, we're going to be talking about in a few moments. talking about the military and defense spending, but also talking about jobs. one of the things that was brought up by daniel henninger on our program last hour is a question of whether or not mitt romney's going to put forward some specific plans, delve into the specifics of how he will be different than the president, and that's something you might want to watch for in this address. you can do so at foxnews.com, it's streaming there live. we'll be right b
poll by quinnepiac had the president up by five. now it is one. virginia, still a four-point margin there which is same as last month. the president was leading by four points last month but now the president hits 50% in virginia which as you know, jon, is significant. jon: molly henneberg at the white house juggling all the numbers. good job of that, molly. thank you very much. jenna: a french magazine is sparking new anti-western fury releasing new cartoons mocking the prophet muhammad. what it means for our u.s. diplomats he is serving overseas and what actions we'll take when other countries follow suit. the white house is referring questions about the libyan consulate attack to the fbi. an ongoing investigation they say. ambassador bolton joins us next to weigh in on all of this. [ "odd couple" theme plays ] humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else mes standard at libertymutua
pictures of governor romney campaigning in virginia. he blasted the president's initial response this week to the riots across the middle east. now the gop presidential nominee is facing criticism not only from the left but from members of his own party. a fair and balanced debate ahead. >>> also two reporters coming under scrutiny after they were overheard coordinating questions for governor romney. an in-depth look at the open mic moment and what it means about news coverage. news watch ahead. jon: fox news alert for you now, pardon me, doing my research. the u.s. warships are on the move towards libya now as anti-american violence spreads across the region. plus, breaking news from the pentagon. welcome to "happening now," i'm jon scott. jenna: a lot to get your mind around these days, constantly changing. jon: things are changing by the moment. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee, and demonstrators are launching fresh attacks against embassies today in yemen, chanting death to america and egypt there are still huge crowds demonstrating near the u.s. embassy in cairo, and you have prote
of virginia. larry, a lot of experts are saying that this is going to be a base election where the bases get excited and support their candidate in one way or another. this poll would seem to indicate that president obama's base got very excited by the democratic national convention. his support boomed among, you know, the overall population, but among likely voters not so much. >> yes. jon, this is an interesting poll. they're all interesting, but this one is interesting in particular for a couple reasons. first, it does show a dramatic difference between likely voters and registered voters. and we're going to see this all the way to november 6th. it's really important as we get closer to election day to focus in just on likely voters. and that's where the contest is close because as you note, this is a battle of the two party bases. the other thing that i don't think many have focused on in this poll, the idea of the bounce, yes, there was a bounce for president obama. but as the polling continued through the weekend, the bounce disappeared or started to disappear in a major way. that is t
events in ohio. he'll be making stops later this week in new york, florida, virginia and wisconsin. vice president joe biden meeting today with voters and also tomorrow in iowa, and his opponent republican vice presidental candidate paul ryan will also be in iowa today. jon: lots of focus on iowa today. the brave marines who guard our embassies overseas facing thousands of anti-american protestors. how tough is their mission? we'll take a look at what our service members are up against. jaime: quite a bit for sure. plus the countdown to a nightmare scenario in the middle east. israel's prime minister is warning that iran may be just months away from an ability to build an atomic bomb. what is the end game in the nuclear showdown with iran? >> they are in the red zone, you know, they are in the last 20 yards and you can't let them cross that goal line, you can't let them score a touchdown because that would have unbelievable consequences, grievous consequences. jaime: anti-american processes are spreading throughout the world. it's forcing u.s. embassies to go on high alert. they are tryi
at the university of virginia, larry sabato. great to see you. >> thank you. you sneak in thinking you want. jamie: all right. well, you sneak in your crystal ball because it's pretty darn accurate. what do you see where the house is concerned, because democrats say, we got it. >> well, we don't see it. in fact, surprisingly little has changed on the house level, even in the private tracking polls that are being done by some of the campaigns. a lot's happening in the presidential race, there are quite a few things happening in probably eight senate races, but on the house side we really don't see anything outside of single-digit gains for democrats. they need 25 seats. they have to pick up an additional 25 seats because of redistricting, they really need an additional 30-35 seats. i just don't see how they get 'em even if president obama ends up winning the white house by a substantial margin. i'm not predicting that, but i'm saying if it goes in that direction, could they possibly pick up these additional seats? anything's possible, but we don't really see how. we do this district by district. ja
it with larry sabato, director for the center of politics at the university of virginia. he did not have a choice last night, he could not watch football, he had to watch bill clinton. right, larry? >> well, i had a slate screen, jenna, to be honest. [laughter] jenna: i did too. our confessions are out. you're really quite funny on twitter and otherwise, and one of the comments that you put on twitter the other night is you said in reaction to michelle and ann romney's speech, you say spouses please voters but don't change votes. that's what you said about the spouses. does bill clinton change votes? >> i don't think so. at least i don't think he will have changed them by november. look, his, his goal is to help barack obama generally, to explain why the economy hasn't improved much over four years, and then the second underlying demographic is he wants to reach blue collar whites, he wants to reach non-college whites. these are people who supported hillary clinton heavily in the primaries of 2008. they've never really warmed to barack obama. and he doesn't have 'em now. but, you know, j
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)